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Saint Seiya: 1x2

Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus!

The Bronze Saints in the colosseum, Lionet Ban and Unicorn Jabu, continue their tournament match, with Jabu emerging as the victor. Seiya returns and demands to see his long-lost sister Seika after training for six years in Greece. Saori’s grandfather promised him that he would see her if he retrieved the Cloth. Saori Kido, granddaughter of the late Mitsumasa Kido, leader of the Graude Foundation, and host of the Galaxian Wars tournament, offers Seiya a deal: if he wins the tournament, the Foundation will find his sister. With words of encouragement from his childhood friend Miho, Seiya decides to participate in the tournament, since it is broadcast worldwide and his sister might be able to see him on television. Seiya’s first opponent is Bear Geki, and because of his arms, Seiya seemed like he would die from strangulation. But thanks to his master Marin’s teachings of defeating an opponent by crushing their greatest weapon, Seiya breaks Geki’s arms, the source of his strength, launches hundreds of kicks and comes out victorious.

Saint Seiya: 1×2
Saint Seiya: 1×2
Oct. 18, 1986