Saint Seiya: 1x4

Dragon! Unrivaled Fist and Shield

The match between Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu begins. Shunrei, a close friend of Shiryu’s, arrives and tells him that his master, Roshi, is dying and needs to come back to the Five Ancient Peaks of Lushan. Shiryu’s Rozan Rising Dragon and his diamond hard shield make him unstoppable, and it seems he is on his way to victory after knocking Seiya down multiple times. But Seiya isn’t willing to give up and risks his life to have Shiryu destroy both his fist and shield. With his weapons destroyed, and having been witness to Seiya’s determination. Shiryu removes his Cloth and is eager to finish the match. Seiya removes his Cloth as well to have a fair fight, both ready to risk their lives to fight for what they believe in and the people they love.

Saint Seiya: 1×4
Nov. 01, 1986