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Saint Seiya: 1x5

Miracle of Rebirth! Friendship of the Cosmos

Seiya and Shiryu’s match continues. Even though Shiryu is able to block most of Seiya’s Meteors, Seiya is not only able to land a few blows, but also discovers Shiryu’s weak point, the right fist of the dragon on his back, which is the spot where his heart is located. If the Rising Dragon is unleashed and Shiryu, who unconsciously lowers his left hand and exposes his weak point, is attacked in that spot, he will die. Both strike each other, with Seiya hitting the weak spot, and winning the match. However, Shiryu’s heart has stopped beating. With only four minutes before he succumbs, Seiya, with encouragement from his friends and the audience, attacks Shiryu in the same spot from the back, and restarts his heart, saving him. Meanwhile, Andromeda Shun’s chain senses an enemy in the colosseum.

Saint Seiya: 1×5
Nov. 15, 1986